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Nommesen Coffee Porter

My first beer, a robust, full bodied porter.
Coffee flavored dark hops made it black as coal.
Brewed January 2001

The Last Typewriter ESB

In honor of a dearly departed friend. Kaz, I miss you more than anything.
Brewed February 2002

Winged Rat Amber Ale

A tip of the hat to one of my favorite little critters, the urban rat with wings.
Brewed April 2002

Northern Summer Flight Amber Ale

Ah, to fly away for summer!
Brewed April 2002

Apricot Ale

A light bodied Ale with fruit flavor.
Brewed June 2002

Carmen Terra Pale Ale

Brewed for my October open studio.
Brewed September 2002

Self Storage ESB

Brewed for my October open studio.
Brewed September 2002

Evil Cat ESB

A rich, sweet brew.  In honor of - yet very unlike - my cat.
Brewed February 2003.


Brewed for August 7th opening of an YLEM show at Blue Room gallery.
Brewed July 2003.

(No label)


Brewed for my open studio for San Francisco Open Studios 2003.

(No label)


ESB brewed to test new $15,000 equipment.
Brewed 2005.

(No label)

Toxic Ale

Sweet Irish Ale brewed for an art opening at Live Worms.
Brewed 2006.