My interesting life

My company asked me to write a bio to send out and share to everyone’s email. Thought I’d share this with you guys.

I like to say that I am an artist, rock star, and geek by passion, a teacher, coder, and writer by trade. Not the perfect elevator pitch, but I’m working on it. Over the years, I have accrued a large variety of technical and creative experience.

Because I love learning and I love to share my knowledge even more, teaching and building learning curriculum has been the most rewarding part of my career. It has been the thread that ties the narrative of my life together. So if you get into a conversation with me, you will have forgive me if I get over excited about a new technology or theory that I’m dying tell you about.

Some of my strange accomplishments:

  1. I developed my first phone app and launched it in the store last weekend. Link here.
  2. My art is in the collection of Malmo Sweden.
  3. I was the bassist for the rock and roll band The Capp Street Girls.
  4. When I was 12 and before the web, I got a cease and desist from the FBI for running a BBS
  5. I ran a non-profit for many years called YLEM: Artists Using Science and Technology.
  6. I ran an art gallery for a year on Market Street in San Francisco
  7. I had a brewery for about two years.
  8. I invented ‘marble season’ in 4th grade by bringing a bag of marbles to school and giving them out to everybody
  9. I was the art director for a motorcycle magazine
  10. I was the first of my friends to move out of town
  11. I can solve the Rubik’s Cube in under 2 minutes.
  12. A long time ago, I was a bike messenger in San Francisco
  13. I once received a standing ovation for a perfect latte
  14. I’ve won awards at half of the hackathons I’ve entered
  15. I’m neither a great cook nor a great or singer, but I love to do both anyway (though usually not at the same time)

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