A more honest work history

I wrote this more honest and braggadocious work history as part of an application. I normally would not be so candid, but I felt like it was appropriate for the company. What do you think?

Freelance coder/designer: Top to bottom (Full Stack?) coding, negotiating contracts and selling mad skillz while overcoming imposter syndrome. Currently working on a PhoneGap app for iOS and Android.

Teacher at AcademyX: Kicking ass learning stuff like jQuery and MySQL super quickly, then teaching it to people. Update March 2015: just learned Angular.js in a week and taught it.

Artist: Making art and actually selling it, sometimes in other countries.

Teacher at Academy of Art: Teaching really smart and rich kids fun web coding and graphic design skills, and schooling them in the history of the internet and computers.

President of YLEM: Getting artists and technologists together to present mind-blowing presentations, agree to be interviewed for a magazine, and getting them art shows in galleries around San Francisco for a monthly membership fee.

Art Director at Urban Moto: Navigating the minefield of newsprint publishing while executing awesome design on tight deadlines for super picky advertisers and an insane boss.

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