Going out of town party, Sunday June 28th

Torrey in SF

WHAT: I’m leaving town next month. I’m cashing my chips and moving on out. This will be the last hurrah.
WHERE: Spec’s and Vesuvio’s
North Beach, San Francisco, CA
WHEN: Sunday, June 28th
WHY: Come send me off into the great unknown.It’s at Spec’s and Vesuvio’s, because some of my friends are boycotting Specs, so just pick your favorite of the two bars and I’ll be bouncing in between them all night.

Check out T, critique it, buy it

Since the show went to pot, I’ve decided to post the logo to Threadless. Why don’t you go on over there and vote for check out my T-shirt. That way I can re-coup some of my losses!

Click the logo or here to vote on it critique it. If it gets approved It was denied, but if I get some good comments and make it better and they approve it, it will be in the pantheon of Threadless, I’ll get some cash, and you could actually buy a T-shirt with this kick ass logo printed on it. Everybody wins.