I built a LEGO© house in Google’s new Build with Chrome thing

Using Chrome’s Build application,  I built a virtual house out of Legos.

My LEGO© house in Australia

This is a house I built using Google's Build app

This is a simple house I build out of virtual LEGOs in Google’s Build app.

Here’s the link to my virtual Lego house in Australia.

It works like a simplified version of Google’s Sketchup app. If you have worked with Sketchup, or even if you haven’t, you should be able to figure it out pretty quickly. But once you do, be prepared to waste a lot of time working with virtual LEGOs.

Mock up of a design for a gourmet food cart

I created a banner in Adobe Illustrator, a pretzel cart in Google SketchUp, and then laid out a presentation with Adobe InDesign to show to the client.

Time to Revisit Flash

Wrote this little flash thing to get back into the program.

Wrote this little thing to get my Flash chops up.

So I had to teach a class today on Flash. No biggie, right? Wrong.

A lot has changed since the 90s. ActionScript 3.0 won’t let you put scripts on buttons anymore. Which makes a lot of sense, because I was always loosing where I put my scripts (part of the reason I abandoned Flash so long ago). So it’s a little cleaner, but now everything has to be a function. Meh.

Here’s a little project I did to learn/remember how to make buttons do their thing. You click on one thing, it goes to another frame and stops. Click another thing and there’s a little animation with sound. And click one other thing and it links to a web page.

Web site for Fashionista 411

Fashionista 411

I designed the site for Fashionista 411 (a project of Desert Grove Media). It’s a wordpress site that I set up and modified.

I created a theme that yelled high fashion. My original idea was to use red, black and white with lots of whitespace, but as I started working on it, I shifted from the red spectrum into purples, pinks and blues.

I also designed the logo, set up hosting, got some alternative URLs, and wrote a few articles for the site.

Web site for Desert Grove Media

Desert Grove Media mockup

I designed the site for Desert Grove Media. It’s a wordpress site that I set up and modified.

The idea was to have the feeling of an opulent desert caravan of the era of Lawrence of Arabia.

Oasis in the Desert by Antal Ligeti

Oasis in the Desert by Antal Ligeti. This image gave me inspiration for the site.

I used desert tones and a hint of palm trees to communicate this feeling.

I’m slated to be doing a lot more for them soon. Check out what my bio on the site says!