Postcard for a Gallery Show

Postcard for a gallery show of mine. The theme was the moon. The Hexagram represented is #15, mountain under the earth. Symbolic of the full moon and modesty. The show’s opening is on the full moon. The top section is a mural by Susan Cervantes, the middle is Ned Millet’s moonscape, and the bottom section is mine, a nude. The nude at the bottom is comprised of two yin, which can be interpreted as female. The whole thing is very symbolic.

Postcard for First Kick Scooters



Postcard designed October 2002for First Kick Scooters
The image on front is from a photograph I took.

The purpose of the postcard is to advertise to new Vespa owners that they can go to my client’s shop instead of the Vespa dealership to get service.

The image is of the front of the new ET4 Vespa.

The target audience – Vespa ET2 and ET4 owners – will instantly recognize the image.

Postcard for Muddy Waters


for Hisham Massarweh, owner of Muddy Water’s Coffee House

In the background is a manipulated image of the line of Torani bottles at Muddy Water’s Chuch street location.

Camel and coffee browns convey the rich and deep flavor of Muddy Water’s coffee.
Inviting orange highlights pay homage to the friendly atmosphere found at Muddy Water’s.