Postcard for a Gallery Show

Postcard for a gallery show of mine. The theme was the moon. The Hexagram represented is #15, mountain under the earth. Symbolic of the full moon and modesty. The show’s opening is on the full moon. The top section is a mural by Susan Cervantes, the middle is Ned Millet’s moonscape, and the bottom section is mine, a nude. The nude at the bottom is comprised of two yin, which can be interpreted as female. The whole thing is very symbolic.

Beer Labels for Nommesen/Hix Brewery

(click to see more labels)

I created a bunch of labels for bottles of beer that I have been brewing. We got pretty advanced and now brew 80 gallon batches. We were even toying with the idea of turning it into a business (who knows, maybe still?).

We switched from bottles and started kegging our beer in 2004, so unless I get a nice, easy to use bottling system, you probably won’t see any more labels from me for a while.