Photomarathon 2011

I participated in a Photomarathon on October 17th.

We had to take 12 images on 12 given topics, in the same order that the topics appear on the list given to us on the day of the event. The 12 topics were:

Inside Out; Infested; Flavor; Drama; Twenty-six; My Secret; Seeing Double; The Path; Highs  & Lows; Birds Eye View; World in Motion; Self Portrait.

And here’s what I came up with:

1/2 page ad for Urban Moto T-Shirt

Advertisement designed for Urban Moto’s T-shirts. It is meant to over-excentuate certain anatomical features of the female model and be irreverant. I took the photos in this ad.

I come up with and change the text for each issue of Urban Moto.

September ‘06:

Please send $20 with a long-winded story about that one time you has sex with that hottie from the coffee shop who rides that really cool bike. Also send a double-spaced essay on the Crimean War and its relevance to modern engineering. Oh, and beer.

October ‘06: 

Send $20 in small, unmarked bills in a leather suitcase. Please do not include any body parts, hot jewelry, or anything that can trace the transaction back to Urban Moto.

November ‘06:

Send $20, a copy of your driver’s liscence, your social security number, your mother’s maiden name, your favorite pet’s name – or better yet the pet itself – and your first born. Blonde and redheads preferred.

December ‘06:

Untraceable and no dye pack rejects please.
No mistakes this time.

January ‘07:

Don’t just stand around naked – cover your shame!* For the low price of $20, you’re halfway there.
*please forward us pictures of your shame.

February ‘07:

Please give us your name, rank, serial number, breast size, the length from your index finger to the tip of your elbo, the number of times you have had sex, the time, amount and size of all your anxieties, rounded to the nearest tenth, and the distance from your ego to the floor. Okay, now take that number, add Avagadro’s constant, keep subtracting π until you reach a prime number, convert to hexadecimal and arrange the sequence into alpha-numeric order.