I built a LEGO© house in Google’s new Build with Chrome thing

Using Chrome’s Build application,  I built a virtual house out of Legos.

My LEGO© house in Australia

This is a house I built using Google's Build app

This is a simple house I build out of virtual LEGOs in Google’s Build app.

Here’s the link to my virtual Lego house in Australia.

It works like a simplified version of Google’s Sketchup app. If you have worked with Sketchup, or even if you haven’t, you should be able to figure it out pretty quickly. But once you do, be prepared to waste a lot of time working with virtual LEGOs.

How to Intuitively Pick Web Colors

After a while, you can get a feel for what a color will look like just by reading the 6 letter and number combination preceded by # that you use in web design known as the hexadecimal color value. Here’s how (after the jump):

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Mock up of a design for a gourmet food cart

I created a banner in Adobe Illustrator, a pretzel cart in Google SketchUp, and then laid out a presentation with Adobe InDesign to show to the client.

Did a drawing on the iPad

I haven’t drawn anything in a while, so I spent the day at work doing some drawings on my iPad. This is probably the best one from that day.

I made this from tracing a photo using SketchBookX for the iPad

My Lego art wins the People’s Choice Award

A mosaic of a nude from painting I rendered from a photograph I took.

A mosaic of a nude from painting I rendered from a photograph I took.

My work Lego Nude – which is, well, a nude rendered in Legos – won the People’s Choice Award at the Del Mar Fair. But, it didn’t even win an honorable mention with the judges.

So I’m going to interpret that result as demonstrating that I am too cutting edge for the establish hegemony, and chalk this up as further validation of my status as the preeminent post-post-modern art genius.

I also have had another work of art from my wallpaper series on display of a pigeon on a coffee table at Caffe Trieste that I call “Trieste Regular.”

My work will be was on display at the 2011 Del Mar Fair now through the end of the fair on July 4th.

Pointing out that yes, I did in fact get the People's Choice Award on the 3rd day of the show.

My painting Trieste Regular.

Showing off my painting at the Fair.

Photomarathon 2011

I participated in a Photomarathon on October 17th.

We had to take 12 images on 12 given topics, in the same order that the topics appear on the list given to us on the day of the event. The 12 topics were:

Inside Out; Infested; Flavor; Drama; Twenty-six; My Secret; Seeing Double; The Path; Highs  & Lows; Birds Eye View; World in Motion; Self Portrait.

And here’s what I came up with: