Web site for Pilates instructor Dano Gregory

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Dano Gregori wanted a site to help define his career as a Pilates instuctor. He wanted to break away from being defined as an employee of a particular Pilates studio by defining Dano Gregori Pilates as a brand.

Dano and I met when he bought one of may paintings from a show I had near the Pilates studio he was working at in San Francisco. After taking a look at my web page portfolio, he decided to try me out as a web designer.

The logo and font were chosen before I came into the picture. I encouraged Dano to get an 800 number because his location is more or less in flux. I also encourage him to take pictures of Pilates in action which I could sprinkle throughout his web site for visual interest. The result is the danogregori.com website that you see today.

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