Another 10 ideas

I have a Fiverr page where I give 10 ideas for $5. I’ve had some success with it, selling 10 sets of ideas so far. Fiverr takes $1, so I actually only get $4 for 10 ideas. But still – most people’s ideas are a dime a dozen, or sometimes they will sell you their thoughts for 2¢, but mine are worth 50¢ each! Who else can say that?

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Posted another motorcycle blog post

My bike got run over. Don't worry, I was (pretty much) unscathed.

My bike got run over.

It’s been a while, but I posted an article at

I wrote some advice to beginning riders about the importance of getting the right gear for riding. It’s the fourth one in a two part trilogy.

It features a slide show with pictures of my last accident.



Essay for Physiology class

3D view of lung cancer I got from the <a href=This is an essay I wrote about the effects of smoking on the body for my Anatomy and Physiology class. It’s 6 pages when double spaced and stuff. If you actually spend the time to read it, please comment. Thanks!

Smoking and it’s effects on the body

I chose to report on smoking for this class, because I recently quit smoking a little over 2 months ago. I figured that if I could get a good picture of what was happening in my body, it would help me to stay quit. It is a dangerous and deadly habit. Tobacco and nicotine related diseases kill more than 440,000 people every year. “That’s like 2 jumbo jets crashing and everybody being killed every day.”

Tobacco has been tied to humanity for millennia. It was (and still is to some extent) used in religious ceremonies of some Native Americans, partly because Continue reading

Sociology assignment 2 of 4

This is my second assignment for my Sociology class. Again, I uploaded it a mere 2 minutes before it was due.

Question: Go to a chat room on the internet and observe the dialogue. Briefly describe the chat room, and the discussion. Using the concepts in Chapter 4, how would you describe the type of dialogue that you observed? How did the communication compensate for the lack of nonverbal communication? What theories of interaction best describes and explains internet interaction

After searching for chat rooms in AIM, Yahoo!, and then seeing if Google had an implementation of chat rooms (Google’s implementation turned out to be too frustrating to figure out to be worth the effort), then trying to get my instant messaging client to work to join in a chat room, I finally settled on ICQ’s web page found at <> that featured online chat rooms. I settled on ICQ because it has a reputation of being less mainstream than AIM and Yahoo! and it has an interface that was easier to understand than the others I explored.

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